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Source Code

Download the source code of mapWOC 1.4.1:

You can check the current development status in our public source code repository.

Installation Packages

The Intevation GmbH maintains installation packages for Debian Squeeze (64 bit). Add the following entry in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://apt.intevation.org/ squeeze mapwoc

To install run:apt-get install mapwoc-quick

Read the Install instruction of the manual for more details.

For problems or questions (e.g. for configuration) please read the manual or contact the developer mailing list.

Manual for mapWOC 1.4.x

The current mapWOC manual is available in German only:

mapWOC HoneyClient Demo Image

Prepared Linux KVM image based on SliTaz with Firefox as web browser: